Affordable Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental implants are a replacement for missing teeth. Seniors may consider dental implants for the missing teeth but may wonder how they can cover the costs, as getting them could be expensive. If you are here to learn about how to get the most affordable or sometimes fully-covered dental implants, you are in the right place.

What Are Dental Implants?

If you are here to learn about dental plants and Medicare, you are in the right place.

What Are Dental Implants?

According to Mayo Clinic, dental implants are artificial teeth that an individual can get in place of the missing teeth. Dental implant surgery involves replacing the missing area with an artificial tooth, which behaves much like the natural tooth.

As you age, you may lose some teeth. Teeth are essential to enjoy and chew down the food you need for nutrition. Dental implants are expensive but the best option for individuals with missing teeth.

Would Medicare Cover The Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is considered cosmetic; thus, Medicare won't fully cover it. In certain instances, like an illness or injury, it may cover a specific portion, but people still need to pay out of pocket.

It may cover the related services, but you can't expect Medicare to cover the total costs of the dental implants.

How to Afford Dental Implants?

Some people may opt for dentures and other options to replace the missing teeth, but dental implants could be too expensive.

You can ask your dentist if there is a financing option available or if you can divide the costs and pay it monthly. You have to explore different options to see what works in your favor.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

When dentures and other such options are available, you may wonder why it's best to consider dental implants.

Getting dental surgery is not everyone's cup of tea. You may need to replace dentures, and there are also temporary options when you get dentures. However, a dental implant is a permanent solution and would help you get the desired results.

Once you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, sometimes it is hard to chew food and enjoy your favorite meal. Thus, getting a dental implant would be best.

Wrapping It Up

Dental implants are a modern and permanent solution for missing teeth. It behaves like your natural teeth, and you would be able to enjoy your food, but Medicare won't cover the cost unless there is an injury or illness, but then again, it would cover certain related services and not all of it. Ask your dentist and explore the options available to you!